Why Significant Networks?

Here at Significant Networks it's about the relationship. We go beyond the product, we want to ensure ultimate satisifcation with everything we do no matter how big or small.


Who We Are?

Significant Networks is driven by passion. Passion to satisify, deliver, and bring the best possible solution to you. When you grow so do we and there is no better way to become stronger than delivering the best.

We specialize in Information Technology Consultanting as well as Web Design, Hosting, and custom programmed applications. We can provide end-to-end products or setup self-managed solutions for web design and hosting. We also can build custom web applications. Ultimately, if you think IT, we can provide IT. We are locally owned and operated in wonderful Sumter, South Carolina.

Our Mission

To be Significantly Better

In today's market you always have a choice and that's why our Mission is to be Significantly Better! When you choose Significant Networks, you are choosing a partner not a product or solution. We want to see our business partners grow and have no worries with their Information Technology environment and with choosing Significant Networks you will get ultimate satisification.

Over 25 Years Experience

our experience is all you need

With a combined of over 25 years experience we have seen, built, designed, and consulted on almost anything imaginable in Information Technology. We have been trusted engineers, consultants, technicians, and architects of projects large and small. No matter what you need or are looking for we can provide you with the best.

Why Choose Us?

Why Significant Networks is different than any other

Because when you choose Significant Networks, you are not an ends to a mean, you are our partner. Our passion is your satisification, we are driven and dedicated to ensuring that everything is done to your liking. We do not come in, provide a product and walk away. We deliver, educate, and ensure your growth.

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Timely
  • Database Driven Applications
  • Programming in more than a dozen languages
  • Piece of Mind

We can deal with

  • Websites Design & Hosting
  • Hardware From Tablets to Servers
  • Applications Database Driven Apps
  • Consulting Overhauls to All New